Strategic Approach:

Redesigning the Brand Identity:
Evo Media initiated a comprehensive redesign of Tanki's brand identity. The focus shifted from cartoons to a modern, eco-conscious aesthetic. The new branding aimed to strike a balance between approachability and eco-friendliness, appealing to a younger demographic while still conveying the brand's commitment to sustainability. 

Overhaul of Social Media Presence:
The social media platforms were revamped to reflect the brand's new image. Engaging content, including educational posts on eco-friendly practices and sustainability, were strategically integrated into Tanki's social media channels. This approach helped in building a community of like-minded individuals passionate about the environment.

Website Redesign:
The website underwent a complete transformation for improved user experience and ease of navigation. The new website showcased the product range, sustainability initiatives, and introduced subscription options for both individuals and businesses, making it more convenient for customers to support the brand regularly.

The Tanki Pledge:
Evo Media introduced the "Tanki Pledge," a commitment to nature and the world. This pledge was prominently featured in all marketing materials and on the website, emphasizing the brand's dedication to eco-friendliness. It served as a powerful message that resonated with environmentally-conscious consumers.

Collaborations and Influencer Marketing:
To amplify the brand's message, Evo Media initiated collaborations with influencers who shared Tanki's values. These influencers helped spread the brand's message to a wider audience, building trust and credibility within the eco-friendly community.


The efforts to transform Tanki's brand image and marketing strategy yielded outstanding results:

Sales Growth:

Within the first six months of 2023, Tanki experienced a remarkable 200% increase in sales. The revamped brand identity and strategic marketing efforts successfully attracted a new and engaged customer base.

Enhanced Brand Reputation:

Tanki's image shifted from a childlike and obscure brand to an approachable, fun, and environmentally-conscious brand. This transformation greatly improved the brand's reputation and resonated with consumers who prioritize sustainability.

Increased Engagement:
Tanki's social media engagement significantly increased as the brand began sharing educational content and connecting with a community of eco-conscious consumers. The Tanki Pledge played a vital role in fostering this engagement.

Influencer Collaborations:
Collaborations with influencers who shared Tanki's values allowed the brand to reach a broader audience and establish trust within the eco-friendly community.


Evo Media's strategic approach to rebranding Tanki from a childlike appearance to a modern, eco-friendly brand with a young appeal led to substantial growth and success. The brand's commitment to sustainability, the introduction of the Tanki Pledge, and influencer collaborations all contributed to the remarkable 200% increase in sales within the first half of 2023. Tanki has successfully transitioned into a brand that resonates with consumers who value eco-consciousness and quality products made in the UK.