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Evolution Media is a turnkey solution for all marketing needs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all of our marketing activities are delivered to the best quality possible.

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Jake is one of the founders of EvoMedia. With his experience of working with new and emerging brands through distribution to managing a team for a leading components vendor, one thing for certain is he has a lot to offer our clients. Jake has focused his career around the largest retailers and etailers in the UK such as Amazon, Ebuyer, Argos, John Lewis, Game and Shop Direct.

His awards include Entatech Distributor commercial employee of the year 2013, Corsair 2015 & 2016 Outstanding Achievement in Sales Award and Most Inspirational European Sales Person of The Year 2016.

Jake also claims to be the best potato peeler this side of Shropshire. In his free time he can mainly found under his Renault 5 GT Turbo patching rust or in a restaurant drinking red wine and eating steak.


Creative Director

Lily is a highly organised and creative marketer with a background in graphic design and illustration. Since completing her university education, Lily has expanded her knowledge and gained experience specialising in digital marketing and content creation.

Lily has proven that by using her creativity, she can produce engaging content to reach new and existing customers. Lily is skilled in designing visuals for websites, social media and branding and is always looking for new ways to help your business thrive.

When Lily isn’t making eye-catching content for your brand, she is found hiking, trampolining, or drawing pet portraits. 


Social Media Manager

Ece has been making a name for herself in the social media management business. With 7 years of experience, creative thinking, and a distinctive approach to social media, she created her own path. 
Nowadays, not only does she manages social media accounts, but also, she is competent in visual design, photography and editing of both still image and video formats as well as Google ads, Facebook Meta, and various website management programmes. 

When she is not creating for social media, you can find her chilling with her 2 Border Collies Pipe and Rain or shopping somewhere.


Junior Content Creator

Evie graduated from the University of Salford with a degree in Film Production in which she specialised in video editing. Since graduating Evie went on to work for a video production company for a year where she advanced her editing skills and learnt many other aspects of the video production industry.
Evie also has a huge passion for social media, especially TikTok. In fact one of her videos became viral overnight reaching 10M views and 9M likes! Evie has always been a very creative person who is constantly coming up with ideas and always on top of what’s trending.
When she isn’t creating content Evie can be found scrolling through TikTok, on a plane going somewhere exciting or walking her dog Buddy.

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