At Evolution Media we use paid search to rapidly ensure that brands, products, and services appear to their target audiences anywhere on the Google Search Network.

About Evolution Media

At Evolution Media we have been delivering highly
successful, cost-effective data-driven Paid Search campaigns to businesses of
all shapes and sizes for quite some time. We’re not new to the digital marketplaces, we don’t do vanity clicks or metrics, and we’re not looking for short-term customer relationships. We take it very seriously when a customer
instructs us to help them achieve real growth, and we have a team of ex Google professionals just waiting to obsess over the growth and profitability of your own Return On Ad Spend, (ROAS).

Hitting the Entire Google Network

Google Shopping, high intent search,
bidding strategies, platform and ad expansion growth, we can hit the entire
Google Network on behalf of your brand. We can make your Ads, services and products
available to your highest value target audience, everywhere, all the time, or
we can make that visibility engineered to be served as and when your ideal
users are online.

We have a 4-step methodology


We thoroughly study your business, industry, and products using our team of Google professionals. This deep understanding helps us efficiently target your ideal online audience and position your business effectively.


Our Google paid search strategy goes beyond basic keyword selection. We focus on data-driven tactics, finding the right users, tracking successful outcomes, and utilizing the Google network for efficient remarketing. Our campaigns always aim for clear growth and ROI goals.


Evo Media's experienced team, including former Google employees, crafts top-tier Google Ad campaigns tailored to your business. We work closely with the search engine, staying ahead of AI and infrastructure changes. Testing is a priority before allocating your budget, ensuring Google best practices are applied.


We excel at Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) by closely monitoring user behavior, tracking sources, and understanding customer journeys. Real-time reporting and efficient conversion pathways are at the core of our CRO plan.

Budget Control

We have budgetary control measures; we have
intuitive dashboards and real-time reporting. We use machine learning and AI to
take your conversion rate optimisation plan into top gear and we track
everything that happens when anyone clicks on one of our Ads. We’re watching,
reporting, analyzing and optimizing every click and next action, and we have
one of the most robust remarketing strategies available – meaning, if you’ve
paid for a click and that click doesn’t convert, we’ll be ensuring that user is
remarketed to within the average buying cycle attribution period.

decrease in overall PPC spend year-on-year

increase in Sales Revenue year-on-year

increase in ROAS (return-on-ad-spend) year-on-year

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At Evo Media, we live by the mantra: 'Don't count the people you reach; reach the people who count.' If you're seeking more than just high traffic volumes and are ready to focus on clicks that convert, reach out to us today.

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