Patriot Viper collaborating with YouTube Influencers

Patriot Viper collaborating with YouTube Influencers

Patriot Viper collaborating with YouTube Influencers.

Patriot Viper is a brand of Patriot Memory, a global leader in performance memory, Solid State Drives (SSD's), and flash storage solutions. Well-known, they produce top-tier line of computer memory.

This company was interested in expanding their audience size on their social media platforms, as well as drive traffic to their social pages, gain more engagement, drive up sales and get customers to visit their website.

The most common influencers that brands/companies work with are social media influencers, but what about YouTube Influencers? Working with YouTubers is an effective way to attract your target audience to your products through the YouTuber's fanbase/audience in a visual experience that can't be offered as easily on other platforms. This is also a great way to engage with your desired audience, draw traffic to your website and boost sales.

  • ‍More than 1 billion hours of YouTube content are watched every day (YouTube).

The Plan:

Increase the brand awareness of the Patriot SSD and RAM range while working with big UK YouTubers. In this case, Patriot was looking to promote the VP4100 and the Viper RGB RAM. We got in touch with UK YouTube influencers to promote the brand to their loyal audiences. These influencers have different audiences and types of content on their channels:

Marcus Cole's (PcCentric) content includes a variety of content focusing around personal technology. With weekly reviews, news, and live streams he keeps viewers up to date with everything PC, gaming, and technology related. He creates entertaining and in-depth videos on everything gaming and tech related.

Andrew McDonald's (TechTeamGB) content includes videos focused on PC hardware and consumer electronics. A tech enthusiast covering a whole load of interesting tech, whilst also reviewing products, providing build guides, comparisons, and explaining tech in detail.

The Execution…

There is great significance and relevance to working with YouTube influencers. For example, it is a very valuable platform for people searching for specific build ideas to run the games that they wish to play or a build with a specific budget in mind. Many of these viewers will go on to buy the exact components for the build created on video. Another example is research on parts, especially in an industry that is nearly saturated with different brands and styles. Big YouTubers will have a loyal fanbase who trust the YouTuber's knowledge to recommend the right products to buy. Therefore, your product getting a thumbs up from a reviewer on the YouTube platform will generate a lot of trust and recognition for your brand.

Patriot Viper took the chance with working with YouTubers as it would be a great opportunity to get an influencer on a big platform to review and promote their products. With that being said, we aim to find the perfect influencers who fitted with Patriot Viper branding and style.

Needless to say, after a long search we found two YouTubers whose platform was perfect for the brand. After communicating back and forth with the influencers and once Patriot Viper had signed off on everything, they requested that they deliver a specific amount of content on their YouTube channel. This led to a huge success leading one of the videos receiving 418,253 views and 1,199 comments!


The huge engagement on this video increased the chances of getting the audience to be more invested in Patriot Viper products and increase their audience as well as gain sales.

  • ‍YouTube creators are 4X more effective at increasing brand familiarity than celebrities.