Wellbe Hub Rebranding by Evo Media

Wellbe Hub Rebranding by Evo Media


The Wellness Hub, a health and wellness company for businesses, approached us for a rebranding initiative. The company wanted to revamp its image to better reflect its values and connect with its target audience. The Wellness Hub had a loyal customer base, but the company felt that it was time to reposition itself in the market and appeal to a wider audience.


After conducting extensive research on the company's target audience and brand values, we developed a comprehensive rebranding strategy. The first step was to rename the company to Wellbe Hub to create a more memorable and catchy brand name.

We then created a new logo for the company, which was modern and visually appealing. The logo incorporated a colour scheme that was inspired by the old branding, however was updated to much brighter colours. 

wellbe hub rebranding

Next, we built a website for Wellbe Hub on Leadpages, a platform that enables the creation of landing pages for lead generation. The website was designed with the user in mind, providing easy navigation, clear messaging, and a strong call-to-action to capture leads.

Finally, we rebranded all of the company's social media channels to match the new brand identity. We created new graphics, headers, and profile pictures that were consistent with the new logo and colour scheme. The content strategy for social media was also revised to better align with the company's values and engage its target audience.


The rebranding initiative had a significant impact on Wellbe Hub's business. The company saw a 4.3k% increase in reach on Facebook and a 450.9% increase in reach on Instagram, resulting in an increase in enquiries through their new site. 

Overall, the rebranding initiative was successful in achieving the company's goals. The new brand identity reflected the company's values and resonated well with its target audience.