Website Update for Substance Digital Media

Website Update for Substance Digital Media


Substance Vinyl Materials, a leading provider of high-quality vinyl materials, approached Evo Media with the goal of enhancing their online presence and improving the user experience on their website. Evo Media successfully executed a comprehensive website update, focusing on three key areas: updating the Shopify theme, aligning the branding with the current brand image, and implementing a user-friendly mega menu.


  1. Updated Shopify Theme: Evo Media recognized the importance of a visually appealing and functional website theme for Substance Vinyl Materials. They meticulously analysed the client's requirements and updated their Shopify theme to improve the overall browsing experience. The new theme not only improved the website's aesthetics but also optimised its performance, ensuring faster page loading times and a seamless shopping experience for users.

  2. Branding Update: To strengthen Substance's brand image and create a cohesive online presence, Evo Media implemented an updated branding strategy. The agency carefully considered the client's target audience, market positioning, and desired brand perception. By incorporating the brand's colour palette, typography, and imagery consistently throughout the website, Evo Media successfully created a visually appealing and recognisable online identity for Substance.

  3. Mega Menu Implementation: Recognising the importance of intuitive navigation and enhanced browsing capabilities, Evo Media introduced a mega menu system to Substance's website. The mega menu allowed for a streamlined and organised presentation of product categories, enabling visitors to browse and access desired vinyl materials with ease. By incorporating intuitive dropdowns, featured products, and dynamic visuals, Evo Media ensured that customers could navigate the website effortlessly and quickly find the products they were looking for.

Results: The collaboration between Evo Media and Substance resulted in a highly successful website update, providing numerous benefits for the client:

  1. Improved User Experience: The updated website theme, aligned branding, and user-friendly mega menu significantly improved the overall user experience. Customers can now navigate the website effortlessly, find products quickly, and enjoy a visually appealing interface.

  2. Increased Conversion Rates: The enhanced user experience and improved aesthetics of the website have contributed to increased conversion rates for Substance. Customers are more likely to engage with the website, browse through products, and complete purchases.

  3. Enhanced Brand Image: The cohesive branding strategy implemented by Evo Media has helped Substance Vinyl Materials strengthen its brand image. The updated visual identity reflects the professionalism, quality, and reliability that Substance represents.

Conclusion: Evo Media's collaboration with Substance resulted in a successful website update project. By focusing on updating the Shopify theme, aligning the branding, and implementing a user-friendly mega menu, Evo Media significantly improved the overall user experience and enhanced Substance's online presence. The website now showcases a modern design, intuitive navigation, and a visually cohesive representation of the brand. These improvements have positively impacted customer engagement, conversion rates, and the overall perception of Substance as a trusted provider of vinyl materials.