Paid Social Media Campaign for Loop8

Paid Social Media Campaign for Loop8

Paid Social Media Campaign for Loop8.

Loop8 is a company that offers high quality, low-cost IT equipment for businesses and end-users with an efficient and ecologically friendly approach to electronics and outstanding customer service and resolution.

With their social media growing by the day, Loop8 wished to venture out with paid social media in order to further boost their brand awareness, gain new customers, and broaden their audience growth and engagement.


Paid social media is a great way to accompany your marketing strategy and fast forward your audience growth + engagement. Our paid social is especially useful for new product launches, promotions or helping push any products that may need to be shown to the right people or new customers. Letting us create a campaign around a new product, it helps to create an interest and lets you see real results at launch!

  • ‍27% of internet users say they find new products and brands through paid social ads.


The Plan:

Create a paid campaign to promote the Loop8 Apple Sale (Advert and a boosted post). Also included in the campaign: Email campaign, Site banner

The Execution…

We scheduled a 1-2-1 meeting with Loop8 and discussed what kind of campaign they wanted to launch that month, we discussed whether they wanted to base it on new products, promotions, giveaways, or a sale. Once they confirmed their type of campaign and budget for the month, we got to work.

With all the information gathered, we then created the campaign, which was tailored to the company budget, we targeted the campaign to their specific audience and built brand awareness of the company within the market. By doing this, it allows the brand to get the exposure it deserves and gain more traffic to their website showing what products customer are interested in. Loop8's results are proof that paid social media pays off, when we launched the Loop8 “Apple Sale” campaign in March, at the end of the campaign, the campaign reached 21,686 users and 1,650 users clicked through to the link that directed to their website.

Reaching those numbers from a campaign was a huge success for Loop8, but it didn’t stop there, they wanted to take things further and decided to do an email campaign too. From the 19th March till the end of March the total store sessions on their Shopify store came to 256. Which in a small amount of time, is a 10% returning customer rate!

  • ‍The average organic reach for a Facebook post is 5.17% of a Page’s likes, while the average paid reach is 28.1% of total reach.