Lyfe Linez-From Concept to Launch

Lyfe Linez-From Concept to Launch

Lyfe Linez is a sports nutrition brand who came to us with a concept. They wanted to launch a range of sports nutrition drinks, with an aim to bring the best quality supplements to a wide audience and needed our help to make it a reality.

The plan...

There are a number of steps required to launch a brand and product. Our initial plan included:

·      Launch of social media channels

·      Creating a website and online store

·      Packaging designs for product range

The Execution…


From the start Lyfe Linez had a vision for how they wanted their brand to be seen, with bright colours and a fun playful style. With any new brand, you need to build brand awareness and an online presence. To do this, we set up social channels and began introducing the brand and building an audience.

For social content and videos, we created a branded format and a range of templates to use going forward to keep consistency throughout.


Lyfelinez also required for us to design the labels of their initial product range, beginning with their first product ‘Hydro OG’. We started by creating a range of mock-ups for their first product and once we have finalised the design we would go forward with, we then began designing future products and ranges.

Another big part of launching Lyfe Linez was creating a website where people could go to find out all about the brand, their ambassadors and shop for their products. To create this, we made an e-commerce store. The website reflected the style we put forward on social media and in the label designs to create a fun and playful look.

The Lyfe Linez website included launch information for future products, information about the brand ambassadors, product pages (where people could pre-order and buy the nutrition drinks and apparel) as well as a page for any news the brand wanted to share.

With our skills at Evo Media, we were able to make Lyfe Linez vision a reality!


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