e-Commerce Sites for Lyfe Linez / EVO 3D

e-Commerce Sites for Lyfe Linez / EVO 3D

When you’re ready to push your potential customers through to the last stage to purchase, you will need an e-commerce site built for your particular requirements. While the end-game may be sales figures, how you get the customer to reach this stage can look very differently for different brands.

An e-commerce site serves as more than a platform to finalise sales, but as a platform to showcase your brand story, what makes you unique and inspire any visitors to become true fans.

At the end of 2021, Evolution Media had two brands interested in building their first e-commerce site. Each with a unique set of goals and ambitions for their site, the team was able to create two branded websites that each worked differently to achieve each companies’ goals.


Reasons why having ecommerce website is more important than ever: Increased customer reach, open 24/7, low start-up and running costs, easily scalable


The plan...

Both Evo 3Dand Lyfe Linez websites were to be created and managed through Shopify, where the team has previously built a successful online shop platform for Loop8 Tech.

e-Commerce Website 1: EVO 3D

Experts in the 3D printing industry and ready to focus on targeting the growing market of Industrial sized 3D printing, Evo 3D required a website to differentiate each of their leading brands, providing an educative and inspirational format for website visitors.


e-Commerce Website 2: Lyfe Linez

Lyfe Linez sports nutrition was born from a desire to bring the best quality supplements to a wide audience. Launching with their first hydration formula, the Hydro OG as well as with various apparel pieces, the brand needed a website that would help pushing for pre-orders and create confidence in the new brand.


The execution…

e-Commerce Website 1: EVO 3D

In-line with our rebranding for Evo 3D (Formerly ‘J-Supplied 3D’), we reinvented the Shopify website for the brand. As this involved a complete restructure, we set up a brand-new Shopify shop and started from the ground up.

A new target audience for the brand (Industrial market) required the Evo 3D to limit their product line while put a stronger focus on creating knowledge behind each of these. Branded pages for each brand of products were created which provided a clear differentiation and concise understanding of what each brand was about. These branded pages featured a clear picture of the different product ranges, videos, images and short form copy.

Various additional features were added to the website to improve the overall experience for shoppers. This included adding a live chat, an easy-to-use enquiries form, case studies and blog.

The new punchy orange branding provided a much-needed fresh look to the brand and can be seen across the whole website. The ecommerce website created by Evolution Media has allowed Evo 3D to find its own identity and branding in the 3Dprinting industry with a professional looking website to accompany this.


e-Commerce Website 2: Lyfe Linez

Working alongside Lyfe Linez from its start, we knew better than anyone that the website for the brand needed to be just as playful and ambitious as its upcoming product launches. Simultaneously, the website needed to provide a clear understanding on the brand story and the benefits of its supplements, while generating trust and excitement.

Borrowing from the labels’ bold colours and patterns, the website was created with colourful banners and imagery throughout. The flagship ‘Hydro OG’ can be seen across the website and its product page offers visitors a great understanding into what makes this product so exceptional in the current market.

Pre-orders are a crucial goal for Lyfe Linez and it was therefore fundamental to build trustworthiness in a product and brand that is not yet ‘on shop shelves’ per se. The brand ambassadors that work alongside Lyfe Linez to promote the story and the people behind the colourful branding play a major part in this trust. Following this, the website has two dedicated pages to the ambassadors and athletes tied to Lyfe Linez.

Other features on the website include newsletter sign up, live chat which is linked to Facebook Messenger, and the ‘Lyfe Linez News’ blog.