Complete rebranding for Evo3D

Complete rebranding for Evo3D

 Experts in the 3D printing industry and ready to focus on targeting the growing market of Industrial sized 3D printing, J-Supplied 3D (Now ‘Evo 3D’) joined Evolution Sales and Marketing in January 2022.


The plan...

The migration to join Evolution Sales and Marketing, as well as the plan to focus on a specific market, meant the 3D printing company could do with a ‘make over’ or ‘rebranding’ more specifically. This would entail:


·        New Logo

·        Complete rebranding of colours, style, message

·        New Website

·        Social Channels rebranded

·        Reintroducing the brand to its current customers


The execution…

After discussing ideas for branding with the Evo 3D team, the Evolution Media team set out to create the vision set out in our meetings.

The team came up with various possible logos for Evo 3D (see below).

‍Once we had established the complete new feel for the brand including logo, colours, brand voice, we meticulously began to transfer this onto a new e-commerce website and existing social media profiles.

The website design provided a significant improvement in ease of use, visuals and information layout compared to previous J-Supplied website. On the website we set out to create branded pages for each of the 3D printer manufacturers, providing a spectacular redesign with photographs, videos and product collections that are easy to navigate for the user.‍

For the social channels, we introduced the brand change along with a press release and made sure Evo 3D’s audience understood what this meant and what they could expect from Evo 3D going forward. We created a new format for our social posts, videos, blog content, etc.‍

The branding created by Evolution Media has allowed Evo 3D to find its own identity and branding in the 3D printing industry.