Improving Online Performance for a Valuable Resale Service

For those with vintage items at home, our client offers a convenient solution to turn them into cash. They accept items in any condition and have streamlined the process for ease and simplicity. The service includes a sales pack with a product guide, pre-paid postage, and tracking and insurance.

Our client is willing to purchase a wide range of vintage items, including jewelry, silver, watches, gold, old toys, and vintage sunglasses. Their experts appraise these items and make offers to the sellers.

If the seller accepts the offer, they receive payment via cheque or bank transfer on the same day. If the offer is declined, the items are promptly returned at no cost or obligation.

Our client approached us with the goal of improving the performance of their existing PPC campaigns. They wanted to increase sign-ups and engagement while reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA).


Keyword Expansion

We thoroughly analysed search term reports to identify high-intent traffic and experimented with various keyword match types.

Bidding Strategies

Various bidding strategies were tested to maximise ad visibility to the right audience at the right time.

GCLID Implementation

GCLID tracking allowed us to upload offline data into the advertising account for greater optimisation.

Ad Copy A/B Split Testing

We tailored our ad copy to the audience and specific keywords, resulting in an almost instant impact on key metrics.


Increase in Search Traffic Year-on-Year

Increase in Sign-Ups Year-on-Year

Reduction in CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) Year-on-Year


Our efforts not only increased website traffic but also ensured that the traffic was highly relevant. We developed a strategy to reduce wasted PPC spending, which was reinvested into successful areas of the account.

Our focus on highly relevant ads directed a larger number of interested users to the website, increasing engagement with the service.

The results exceeded our initial targets, and our activity across various ad platforms continues to grow.