Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Why use video marketing?

Video marketing is on the rise in 2021, with more and more consumers preferring to learn about products from videos as opposed to stills or written word.

Below are some stats which show how important it is to use video in your marketing strategy:

·       70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video (wyzowl)

·       72% of businesses say that video has improved their conversion rate (wyzowl)

·       65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video (Forbes)

·       The average user spends 88% more time on a website with a video. (Forbes)

Ways to use video in tech marketing

There are many ways to use video in tech marketing. Below we have listed some ways video can be used within the tech industry:

Short-form videos (Reels & TikTok)

A short-form video is a video which is less than 1 minute long. This year people have been spending more and more time on social media watching video content from their mobile devices and short form videos such as TikToks and Reels are on the rise, particularly with the younger audience.

Short form videos can be a great way to share content and information about your brand in a short amount of time. Some examples of short-form videos you can use within marketing are: ‘how to’ videos, videos about your brand, FAQ videos and many more.

User-generated video content

User generated content is content from consumers, about or related to your brand. We have written a blog on UGC and the benefits of using this within tech marketing. User generated video content can be a great way to share videos that your customer can relate to.

User generated video content shows your brand from a consumers perspective, and it is found that users trust UGC over brand created content/ ads.


Educational/ Training Videos

Educational videos have been on the rise since the pandemic, as people have had to find new ways to teach and learn. Educational video content can include online courses, how to videos (how to use your product) and videos teaching users about your brand or products.  


Video Advertising

Video advertising has been on the rise for a few years and isn’t showing any signs of stopping. Video advertising is a great way to get information to your consumer in a short amount of time, with minimal effort needed from the potential customer.

Video advertising can include a simple gif/ animated social image or a longer video containing more information. It can be good to test multiple kinds of video content to see what your particular customers respond to best.


Planning Livestream events can be a useful way to speak with your audience directly and make them feel included while gaining engagement and brand awareness. There are many livestreaming platforms you can use, depending on what you are wanting to achieve.

For example, Facebook Live can be great for reaching a large number of users and a wide age range and can be great for growing your audience due to the number of people who use the platform daily. Whereas Twitch is great for tech brands who want to reach gamers and a younger audience. Whatever you are wanting to achieve, there are many platforms you can use and test.

Live streaming has many benefits, a main one being that it can help you to understand what your audience respond best to or learn what they want by gaining instant feedback and ideas from viewers! Live videos are also a great way to build trust towards your brand and show your followers that you are active and interacting directly with them.


Video marketing is continuing to grow and these are just a few of many ways you can use video content to optimize your marketing strategy. Whether you already use video content already, or are thinking of starting, video marketing can have many benefits for your brand.