The Importance of Brand Voice

The Importance of Brand Voice

What Is Brand Voice?

Brand voice is what puts your brand personality forward and the way that content is delivered to your audience is dependent on your brand voice and personality. With any brand it is important to connect with your audience and have a clear personality. Having the right brand voice helps your audience to identify you and can represent who you are as a brand.

Why Is Brand Voice Important?

It Demonstrates Your Core Values

 How you present your brand helps to demonstrate your brand's values and goals. Your brand voice is specific to your values and helps to put a message forward and help your audience to understand who you are.

It Gives Your Brand a Personality

Every brand must have a personality. Along with representing your brand's values, having a consistent brand voice can also represent who your brand is and give you a personality that your audience can recognise. What you choose as your brand voice and what you are putting forward will depend on who you are, how you want to come across and who you are wanting to reach.

It Helps You To Connect With Your Audience

Connecting with your audience is important for any brand and having a brand voice which matched that of your audience's can help to do this. A brand voice can help a customer to connect and feel like they are similar to your brand and understand your brand's goals. Communicating with a brand is important to customers and listening to your audience is important in developing your voice. Having a voice and tone that your audience recognises, can add familiarity and help towards brand loyalty.

It Gives Your Brand Consistency

Any brand must be consistent, and your brand voice can help with this. Having the same voice and representing the same values and goals across all platforms will help your brand appear more professional and strengthen your core values and reliability.


There are many benefits to having a brand voice, from creating brand consistency to connecting with your audience. Your brand voice can represent you in any way that you want to come across, from warm and inviting to fun and playful or maybe professional and medical.