The Benefits of Instagram Story Highlights

The Benefits of Instagram Story Highlights

What are Story Highlights?

Instagram Story Highlights are a way to highlight and save your most relevant stories to your profile after they have expired. Your story highlights can be found on your profile below your bio and above your content grid.

Benefits/ How to Use Them

First Impressions

Your highlights can be a great way to set first impressions about your brand. With them being placed toward the top of your profile, they are one of the first things your audience sees when visiting your profile.


Creating highlights on your profile can add to the branding you are putting forward on Instagram. Your stories can show the most relevant areas of your brand and place then top and centre of your profile. If you want to take your highlights to the next level, you can also add personalised highlight covers to match your brand.

Share Information About Your Brand & Team

Adding information about your team can help to humanise your brand and show your customers the people behind the screen. Your story highlights can be a good place to put this so that it can be easily found. Many brands use their story highlights for 'meet the team' content or similar.

Highlight Products or Collections

If you sell a range of products, you may want to highlight some select products or collections. For example, gaming brands may want to highlight different product types such as cases, cooling and peripherals. With the way your story highlights are laid out, they can be ideal for showing your range of products without adding clutter to your feed.

In need of some inspiration for Highlight Covers?

Find out how to make your own Instagram Highlight Covers or where to find already designed covers HERE.


Instagram Story highlights can be a great way to take your Instagram profile to the next level and utilise this great feature. They can be used to highlight a range of things and frequently updating your highlights can keep your profile relevant and up to date.