Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing

In 2021 we are seeing a rise in demand for sustainability, with consumers now considering their impact on the planet when making buying decisions.

What is sustainable marketing?

Sustainable marketing is the promotion of a product, service or brand which is conscious of economic, social, and environmental issues and is working to help improve these. With more customers being conscious of environmental and social issues, many companies have adopted sustainability within their marketing strategy or products.

Social and environmental issues are extremely large, so need to be considered over a long timescale rather than for a short campaign. Within sustainable marketing one of the most important elements is consistency. Showing your brand has a long-term investment in these issues will solidify the trust between you and your customers.

Why is sustainable marketing important?

With consumers being more aware and better informed of environmental issues, it is important for businesses to consider sustainable marketing and products. Not only do customers want high quality products, but they also want the brand to line up with their personal values and are often willing to pay more for products from responsible brand or for something which is sustainably sourced.

Examples of sustainable marketing

Below are some examples of how we at Evolution have used sustainable marketing:


Loop8 is a refurbished tech company, who offers an efficient and ecologically friendly approach to electronics. Throughout their website and social media, they put emphasis on environmental issues and share ideas for how they and their customers can help.

As well as extending the lives of computers by selling refurbished tech, they also educate their audience on other ways they can reduce electronic waste. By doing this it shows their true commitment to helping the environment.

Porthcurno Studio

Porthcurno Studio is another brand who's focus is strongly on environmental issues. Porthcurno Studio create sustainable homeware, made from recycled fishing nets.

"Our aim is to raise awareness and reduce the impact of marine plastic pollution, Abandoned, Lost and otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG) and ghost fishing in the UK and beyond!"

Porthcurno Studio is highly focused on the ocean and environment not only within their marketing, but also in the design of their products. Each of their products are inspired by the movements of the ocean while being 3D printed from recycled fishing nets. Their products now only celebrate the beauty of the ocean, they also contribute towards saving it.

Something that both of these brands have in common is that they have a long-term commitment to environmental issues and this focus is embedded within their brand ethos and not only within their marketing strategy. Because of this, they have gained much more trust from their customers and continue to show their dedication to these causes.


There are many ways to use sustainable marketing for your brand. From launching sustainable products to focusing your whole brand around sustainability issues. For sustainable brands it is important to create a relationship with your customers and not put all your focus on making sales. By doing this you are showing your dedication to making a change and working alongside your customers to do this.