How Youtube can Benefit your Strategy

How Youtube can Benefit your Strategy

YouTube is the longest standing and most popular video platform out there. Since its founding in 2005 its popularity exploded and has completely dominated the internet, YouTube alone is responsible for a quarter of all global mobile traffic. This may seem intimidating; however, this makes YouTube a perfect platform for sharing short form video content and longer and more in-depth video content, allowing for versatility in your video marketing strategy.


YouTube has 2 billion monthly active logged in users worldwide Which means all of your potential customers are without a doubt consuming YouTube content in one way or another- this can also be backed up by the fact that it is the world’s second largest search engine. Which ultimately means people use YouTube almost as prevalently as they use Google- this shows us that when used correctly YouTube can be a vital tool for people stumbling across your brand for the first time.

Video Ads can increase brand awareness by 170 percent. This is due to YouTube and video being so accessible and integrated into our daily routine, In fact over a quarter of internet users spend ten hours or more watching videos- this means that people will become familiar with your brand the more they see you advertise or creatively use the platform. And in turn trust the legitimacy of your company- making them more likely to invest in your products and/ or services


Taking advantage of YouTube from a branded angle means that you can stylise your brand in a unique way that is easy to “uniform” but also variate within your own parameters,  using personal styles and aesthetics is useful for the way in which your brand is perceived and differentiated from everyone else - for example we at Evolution create YouTube videos along with our blogs and we follow a few general aesthetic rules every time so that even without suggesting anything about us as an agency, our viewers can instantly distinguish between us and others that make similar YouTube videos or ads.  

Some ways you can brand your videos to be yours are:

-Using the same environment to film in every time, use a branded backdrop or branded products in frame  

-Using the same fonts/ colours in similar placements if the videos you make are text-heavy  

-Always use graphic branding somewhere within frame (The top left-hand corner is popular for this)


As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world- amassing over 500 hours of video content uploaded every minute. This makes having a high SEO ranking for your videos on both YouTube and Google vital for success in the video sharing space and ensuring that your content is not completely missed by your audience and potential customers.

By optimising the metadata you use for your video (the information you give to the viewer before they have even clicked on the video) by researching and using keywords related to your content, that people may search when browsing for your particular niche, your content is more likely to hit the intended target audience. Things like: your videos thumbnail, category, description, title, and tags can all include important metadata about your content. By providing the correct information, YouTube can group your video with others of a similar nature and suggest it when people are searching for the things your video is about. Be knowledgeable about the metadata you use- be precise and straightforward as YouTube can remove content that is promoted with irrelevant information.


Breaking into the YouTube video space for the first time can be intimidating and confusing- It is hard to know what content your audience would like to see. YouTube is a great resource in the sense that People use it for contrasting reasons, YouTube is best known for its entertainment and educational value - This makes the kind of content that is successful on YouTube incredibly versatile and gives space for individualism, Perfect for brands testing the water in what kind of content they want to produce and what does well and vice versa. You can find our more in-depth blogs on what short form and long form video content does well for brand marketing