How to Measure Social Media Success

How to Measure Social Media Success

Set Goals and Track Performance

To understand your social media success, it is important to know where you’re at now and set goals for where you want to be. Taking the metrics below into consideration will help you to understand where your channel is succeeding or may need extra attention.  


Engagement is one of the most predominant metrics in social media. Keeping track of likes, comments and shares can help you to understand the type of content that your audience respond well to, or vice versa.

You can track engagement through insights and graphs to see your growth and spot key indicators. For example, there may have been a peak where something worked one week or where you ran a competition, or you may spot a dip where something didn’t work as well or where you may have been testing something new.

As well as being a great way to get an insight into your audience and what they want to see, engagement is also an important part of building your community. Liking and interacting with other accounts helps to create a connection with your audience and will lead to increased success on your own channel. We have highlighted some of the benefits of engaging on social media in this blog.

Brand Awareness

Building awareness is important for established brands as well as new. Tracking metrics such as reach, and impressions will help you to understand if you’re reaching a wide range of people.

One way to help increase your brand awareness can be through paid campaigns or working with an influencer to reach a wider audience base. By putting budget into your brands social media, it will help you to reach people outside your current following and in turn lead to audience growth.

Audience Growth  

When focusing on audience growth there are some key indicators to look out for. These include followers, brand mentions, and the use of hashtags related to your brand.

Keeping track of these and encouraging your audience to share content associated with your brand will help to attract new potential customers and followers, and in turn lead to audience growth.

One way to encourage people to share your content or mention you in posts is to frequently incorporate UGC into your account. You can read more about the benefits of using UGC here.


For your social media channels to succeed, it is important to take the metrics above into consideration. By keeping track of what is working or what needs improvement, your accounts will develop to meet your audiences needs.