5 Benefits of Instagram Reels

5 Benefits of Instagram Reels

What are Reels?

In August 2020 Instagram released a new feature called ‘Reels’. These are short-form videos (up to 15 seconds long), which have been becoming increasingly popular since release. Instagram Reels allow you to add audio, effects, and other creative tools to your videos and share them across Instagram.

Reach a Wider Audience & Spread Awareness of Your Brand

Reels can be a great way to generate brand awareness. When uploading a Reel this will be shared to your own followers, including your feed (optional), to your reels tab on your profile as well as on Instagram Explore. When your Reel is shared to Instagram Explore there is also a chance for it to be featured, this will share your reel to a wider audience within the Instagram community outside your followers.

Increase Engagement

As Reels are still a relatively new feature, Instagram will be doing all it can to push these among its users. Because of this, when you share a Reel, it is highly likely that this will appear on the Explore page and this will gain more engagement through here than a regular feed video post would, so because of this it is recommended where possible to share a reel over a regular feed video.

Save Time on Content Creation

Reels can be an easy and fast way to get content to your followers. You can video, edit and post reels all from the Instagram platform which can save time on the design and creation process. Because reels have a 15 second limit it also forces users to make short snappy videos containing a dense amount of information and get a message out with a concise approach.

Showcase Your Brand & Products

If you’re looking for a new way to showcase your brand personality, Reels are perfect fort his. By adding audio and effects to your videos it can humanize the brand or product you are pushing.    

Cross Platform Content

As well as sharing your reels to Instagram, you can also save and repurpose these to share across other platforms saving more time and making the most of the content created. Reels can be re-shared to Instagram through stories or even added to another account’s reel as a ‘remix’ or you can also share this across TikTok or other stories on other social media accounts to reach an even wider audience.


In 2021 video marketing is continuing to grow and short-form videos are proving to be highly popular. With Reels now available on Instagram, it is adding more avenues for brands to share content and is a golden opportunity to increase your brand engagement.